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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

DOTA Game convert to HON

Heroes of Newerth (HON) is an upcoming Defense of the Ancients (DotA) based game developed by S2 Games.

Game play

Each game of Heroes of Newerth pits two teams of 1 to 5 players, called the Legion and Hellbourne, against each other. Each player selects a single hero to play from a pool of sixty, via one of several selection rotations. During the match, heroes will gain experience and gold by destroying enemy NPC units, players or structures, and customize their character with skills and items as the game progresses. The gameplay consists of each team "pushing" a lane of creeps toward an enemy tower and destroying it, each lane contains three towers which must be destroyed in order to make the barracks structures in the enemy base vulnerable to attack. Once a barracks is destroyed, the team that destroyed it gains super creeps in that lane, these are a more powerful version of standard NPC's that give less gold when killed. If a team is able to destroy all six barracks (one ranged and one melee per lane) they are rewarded with Mega Creeps, NPC's even more powerful then super creeps. A game ends either when one of the teams' loses its two inner most towers and the main structure is destroyed - either the Tree of Life for the Legion, or the Sacrifical Pit of the Hellbourne. A team may also concede at any point beyond fifteen minutes into the match.

New features

While Heroes of Newerth is heavily influenced from DotA, S2 has added new features that were not possible to implement in a Warcraft III mod due to restrictions of the Warcraft III engine. A new 3D graphics engine, new maps, in-depth tracking of individual statistics, matchmaking, in-game VOIP and themes include currently implemented features. Post-game MVP awards are upcoming but not currently implemented in beta.

Beta testing

Heroes of Newerth is currently in Closed Beta with over 900,000 users registered. On average, over 30,000 active users play the game at any given point in time. S2 Games used a Facebook group and word of mouth to attract players. Registered users can also send out invites to others, which allow for the creation of a beta account.
On August 22, 2009 the pre-sale of Heroes of Newerth began for members of the beta. Pre-sales of the game includes the benefits of name reservation, gold-colored nameplate, gold shield insignia (which both will remain one the game is released), in-game taunt ability, and well as additional beta invitations (3 for every pre-ordered account).
The game's Non-disclosure agreement for beta members was lifted on September 8, 2009.

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